Reclamation & Revegetation - CDI-Services
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icon Reclamation Services:

CDI-Services delivers surface reclamation across any terrain type. We maintain one of the largest fleets of general purpose as well as specialized agricultural equipment to deliver exceptional results.

CDI reclaims thousands of acres per year.  We have worked on projects for various government entities, including DOE, DOD, state and local entities.  Additionally, we are well versed in reclamation associated with oil and gas exploration and development; mining; land development and more.

From large scale rangeland revegetation to turf grass seeding, our experience and knowledge make CDI the right choice for your reclamation needs or to restore and revitalize natural terrain and ecosystems.Our fleet of specialized equipment, including multiple hydro seeders ranging in size from 500 to 3500 gallons, allow us to complete projects of any size

Our Services

  • Soil Preparation (Site Improvements, Ripping, Chisel Plow, Top Soil Spreading, Pocking)
  • Amendment Application (Mechanical and Hydraulic)
  • Hydro, Drill, Broadcast and Wildflower Seeding
  • Straw and Hay Mulching
  • Hydro Mulching, BFM Application
  • Tackifiers
  • Dust Control
  • Light Earth Work
  • Native Tree and Shrub Plantings
  • Field and Right of Way Mowing
  • Wetland Construction & Plantings
  • Stream Restoration


  • Oil and Gas Pad Sites
  • Surface mining revegetation
  • Pipeline Revegetation
  • Contaminated areas
  • Mountainous terrain
  • Highly erosive, steep slopes
  • Wetland Construction

CDI is proud to be a member of the following organizations: