Nature’s Workforce™

Commercial Landscape Construction

The largest of our seven (7) divisions, CDI’s landscape crews are specifically trained in all aspects of a commercial project.  Irrigation, plantings, seeding, sod, site amenities, concrete… and more!  Once completed, your project gets turned over to CDI’s Landscape Maintenance division to give your new creation the TLC it needs in the first couple years of growth.

Land Reclamation & Erosion Control

CDI reclaims thousands of acres per year.  From large-scale rangeland revegetation to turf grass seeding, our experience makes CDI the right choice for your reclamation needs to restore and revitalize Colorado’s natural terrain and ecosystems.  Hire CDI… we’ll get you growing!

Complete Services:

  •  Soil preparation – ripping, chisel plow, top soil spreading, pocking
  •  Soil amendment application – mechanical and hydraulic
  •  Seeding – hydraulic, drill, broadcast and wildflower
  •  Mulching – straw and hay
  •  Misc. – tackifiers, dust control, field mowing, wetland

Soil Management

CDI provides comprehensive soil management services.  We can handle all your needs from clean fill material imports & exports to contaminated soils extraction, transportation and proper disposal/containment.

Landscape Maintenance

CDI knows you want your landscape maintenance company to be dependable, budget-aware and perform above your expectations.  Our field personnel are trained in all four-season property maintenance disciplines so you get the best results no matter what time of year it is.

Complete Services:

  •  Mowing, trimming, edging and aeration
  •  Fertilization and weed control
  •  Tree / shrub pruning and feeding
  •  Irrigation start-ups, checks, repairs and winterization
  •  Spring / Fall clean-up
  •  Enhancements and seasonal floral pallets

Monumentation, Pavers& Walls

CDI offers design and construction services for monuments and retaining walls.  We have full-time crews that build nothing but walls: concrete, masonry, block or stone.  Walls and monuments are not a hobby but an essential business segment for CDI.

Snow & Ice Management

CDI is Colorado’s largest self-perform snow removal company.  We dispatch over 250 pieces of equipment for every storm.  Loaders, tractors, skid steers, pick-ups, slicer & mag trucks, ATVs, zero-turns, snow throwers, snow brooms are all in CDI’s arsenal to keep you free from snow and ice during our winter and spring months.  CDI covers all seven (7) front range counties with 24-hr dispatch protocols.